Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp

Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp

Hosted by: Ruth Dale

The podcast for busy communicators and marketing pros that want to apply behavioural science. Science debunked, practical steps and takeaways to upskill and increase impact. Taking understanding your audience to a...


E20. The Busy Communicator's Guide to Systems Thinking

Season #1 Episode #20

ONE:  Systems Thinking is a fundamental term coined by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman who through is research established there are dual processes within the brain that function together. He published a...
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E13. Behavioural Biases 101 - Loss Aversion

Season #1 Episode #13

Today's episode welcomes Claire Holm, Head of Communications and Customer Service at North Devon District Council.We chat about how loss aversion can be applied to support customer channel shift in local government....
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E11. #NHSCommunicate Awards Winner: Cheshire & Merseyside

Season #1 Episode #11

In today's episode, we chat with the #NHSCommunicate winners.Edna Boampong, is representing the team from Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Trust whose behaviour change programme increasing...
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commscamp - leave job titles at the door

Season #1 Episode #10

Today’s episode is all about CommsCamp 2021 – Still at home! We are joined three of the great minds behind the scenes Dan Slee, Lucy Salvage and Bridget Aherne.  Not only is CommsCamp free all the organising is on top...
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E8. Segmenting Your Audience Don't overcook then undercook your audience: Social marketing & segmentation

Season #1 Episode #8

Segmenting Your Audience:  Don’t over-cook then under-cook  with social marketer Professor Alan Tapp The second is the three-part series exploring social marketing ·       Professor Alan Tapp began his career in...
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E7. Social Media is not Social Marketing. Three things you need to know

Season #1 Episode #7

Social marketing is not social media Three things you need to know about social marketingThis is the first episode in a 3 part series and to  get started we talk about 3 things you need to know about social...
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E6. 3 Research tips for inhouse communicators

Season #1 Episode #6

3 research tips for inhouse communicatorsAnneliese Levy Health Communications Specialist Today’s episode offers two case studies that illustrate how easy it is to reframe impactful content as well as three useful...
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E5.How to 4x your impact when talking mental health

Season #1 Episode #5

Our expert guest is Shayoni Lynn, Founder of Lynn PR. Lynn PR is an award-winning full-service strategic communications and behavioural insights agency.This episode takes a behind the scenes look at her award winning...
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E4. Tips for great Smokefree content

Season #1 Episode #4

Our expert guest is Kate Knight, Programme Director, South Central NHS Commissioning Unit. Kate has been delivering public health behaviour change marketing campaigns for over ten years. Our chat today focuses on her...
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Hello Bootcampers! Kudos to all you comms & marketing pros

Season #1 Episode #1

Hello Bootcampers!! In this episode we: Say hello! Acknowledge the explosion of interest in the application of behavioural science to marketing & communications and how it is now an essential skill. Say THANK YOU...
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