commscamp - leave job titles at the door

Season #1 Episode #10

Today’s episode is all about CommsCamp 2021 – Still at home!

We are joined three of the great minds behind the scenes Dan Slee, Lucy Salvage and Bridget Aherne.  Not only is CommsCamp free all the organising is on top of the day job.

Key points in this episode

CommsCamp is an Unconference for public sector communicators; the vision is it takes people out of their comfort zone and makes them even more comfortable!

It’s the tea break at a normal conference but stretched out over the whole day.

Key factors:

·       Leave your job title at the door

·       Agenda setting on the day

·       30 second pitching at the day

·       No powerpoint

·       Cake

·       Curry

·       Quizzes

·       Fundraising for the Christie Hospital in Manchester



A good pitch can be on personal well-being or it can be work related; it doesn’t need to be sophisticated just focus on what you feel strongly about. You can share knowledge, solutions as well as a therapy or rant session. 

It’s a safe container to get stuff off your chest. 

And it’s also about problem solving and passing on knowledge.

It’s like a live Facebook Sector Comms Public Headspace session – rather than posting on the Facebook wall we are there live together.


Dates for commscamp still at home 2021

Pre event social – 21st Curry and quiz social (early evening)

Day 1: September 22nd  9:30 – 1pm

Day 2: September 23rd 9:30 – 1pm



Public Sector Comms Headspace

The Christie Foundation

Recommended Books

Dan’s choice:
 Harold Nicolson 'Letters and Diaries 1939 to 1945'  get it here Amazon and also on ebay second hand, too 

Lucy’s choice:

The Beekeeper of Aleppo: Christy Lefteri get it here on Amazon

Bridget’s choice:

The Manchester Man: Isabella Banks get it here on Amazon