Hello Bootcampers! Kudos to all you comms & marketing pros

Season #1 Episode #1

Hello Bootcampers!! In this episode we:

  • Say hello!
  • Acknowledge the explosion of interest in the application of behavioural science to marketing & communications and how it is now an essential skill.
  • Say THANK YOU and send KUDO to all public health, Local Authority, LRF, ALL comms and marketing pros supporting COVID-19 emergency responses.
  • Talk about the Triple A (Awareness, Attitude & Ability) cheat sheet! Well it's more a of a teaser!
  • Flag the importance of Awareness and stress the importance of asking the right questions around behaviours not societal agendas.
  • Introduce the idea of habits.
  • Invite listeners to join the LinkedIn Group - Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp