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Our engagement soared!

After attending Ruth’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp, we launched the ‘walk from home’ competition, which focused on social norms rather than negative social proof.

The competition posts achieved an engagement rate of 6.1% - over 5% higher than the local authority average.

Throughout the campaign website traffic increased by 268.5%.



Communications Wakefield Council

Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms & Marketing professional

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms and Marketing professional looking to harness the power of human thinking and use it to their advantage.

It’s not often that I come away from a training session feeling like I have properly learnt something useful. Not only that, but something that can be so easily applied to my everyday work once you know how.

Ruth Dale’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp took my basic understanding of behavioural insights to a whole new level. Delivered in a genuinely fun and engaging way (yes, really!) this workshop has given me the tools to apply behaviour change theory to campaigns with greater confidence.


Media & Communications Officer, Wealden District Council

Lightbulb moments & immense value!

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp Bootcamp was the most enjoyable and best training I have done in a long time!

Ruth was engaging, the day was full of lightbulb moments and hopefully it will help take my work to the next level.

It has opened the door to behaviour change and the immense value it has in Public Health and Local Authorities.


Public Health, Royal Borough of Windsor Council

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