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You may wonder if your efforts are truly making a difference.

☑ Are you reaching the right people? 🔍
☑ Are your campaigns changing behaviours? 🌍

More than raising awareness is required; you need to cut through the noise and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Behavioural science is the key to unlocking this connection and understanding what truly drives behaviour change.

What is Behavioural Science anyway? 

Behavioural Science is a Decision-making Science⚡️

Here's a simple truth – what we say has the incredible ability to shape people's beliefs, thoughts, and actions. It's like wielding a magic wand, except this magic is grounded in science and proven to drive real impact. Behavioural science brings together disciplines including behavioural economics and cognitive psychology to understand how we and why we make the decisions we do. It claims we are irrational - but predicably so! 

A New Level of Audience Understanding❤️‍🔥

Understanding your audience is the key to sustainable change and impactful communications and marketing. We will help you do that through empathy and mapping. We know it is how this insight is used internally that is the deal breaker so we help you with that too!

Designed for Curious Changemakers ⛵

Our trainings are tailor-made for curious changemakers and passionate communicators like you. Whether you prefer learning in a supportive group, individually, or as a cohesive team, we've got you covered.

Start Your Journey Now!

Don't widen inequalities - by accident.

Behavioural science will show you how to not accidentally widen inequalities.

When you communicate change and seek to influence behaviour you need to know the mistakes to avoid to not (accidentally) widen inequalities. 

We will show you the mistakes to avoid. 

Are you ready to become a true changemaker?

Introducing Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp training

Our training provides a complete step-by-step guide to mastering behavioural science in your projects, comms & marketing.

Behavioural science can feel overwhelming, so we've designed an easy-to-use toolkit and a roadmap to success. This roadmap pulls from disciplines including behavioural science, social marketing, design thinking, behavioural economics, and public health, showing you the path to success.

What You'll Learn

  • What behavioural science is and how to apply it effectively
  • Shifting from awareness to behaviour using behaviour change models
  • Deeply understanding and segmenting your audience
  • Identifying behavioural goals and measuring impact
  • Techniques to gain buy-in and support for your campaigns & projects

Skills You'll Develop

  • Empathy mapping for a deeper understanding of your audience
  • Implementing behaviour change models at the correct times
  • Planning effective behaviour change campaigns and interventions
  • Thinking like a leader and a changemaker
  • Client and stakeholder management for smoother execution
  • Measuring impact to make data-driven decisions
  • Mastering messaging for quick wins
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Your training options:

Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp Live

Opens 4x a year only

Sells out fast!

Topics covered to date include, vaccinations, weight management, moving more, internal comms, children's health services, sexual health, active travel, sustainability, NHS winter pressures, A&E demand, primary care, health prevention messaging.

Join us for a high-impact online learning experience! Bootcamp Live is an exclusive one-day event, offered just four times a year, designed to integrate the power of behavioural science into your work.

Why Bootcamp Live? 💡

If you thrive in practical workshops and value networking with like-minded professionals, Bootcamp Live is your perfect match. The learning doesn't end at the Bootcamp itself, but you'll also join a members area that includes bonus classes, 4 weeks of weekly support and exclusive Masterminds throughout the year. 

What to Expect 🎯

Prepare for an engaging and fun day, packed with easy wins and practical takeaways for even the most complex challenges. You'll walk away armed with the tools and strategies to leverage behavioural science in your planning, unleashing its potential to drive real change.

Don't miss this opportunity to kick-start your learning journey and master the art of behavioural science!

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Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp Team

Anytime you choose!

Popular with agencies!

Are you ready to supercharge your team's impact and create meaningful change? Team Bootcamp is the ultimate solution for organisations that want to harness the power of behavioural science as a united force.


Why Choose Team Bootcamp? 💼
Team Bootcamp is more than just a day out of the office; it's a strategic day to achieve tangible results. By collaborating as a team, you'll build a strong foundation in behavioural science and align your efforts towards a common goal. Together, you can make a remarkable impact on the communities you serve.


Customised for Your Needs 🎯
We understand that every team has unique requirements. That's why Team Bootcamp is tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. Whether it's refining your communication strategies, optimising campaigns, or you are just getting started on a change project, we've got you covered. All participants also get lifetime access to the bootcamp community and Masterminds.


What to Expect 🚀
Expect a transformational experience that will leave your team energised and ready to take on the world. Finish the day on the same page, armed with newfound clarity and a roadmap for success. To get started, book a call with Ruth, and together, we'll chart the course for your team's growth and success.

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Further Education & Higher Education -

Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp training

29th February 2024


Limited to 25 spots

two ways to get started

Listen, Learn and Laugh 🎧

Your Essential Behaviour Change Podcast 

Designed exclusively for busy communicators and marketing pros like you, who are eager to harness the power of behavioural science. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery where we debunk science jargon and present practical steps to help you upskill and amplify your impact.


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Hi, I'm Ruth Dale, the founder of Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp.

With over 20 years of experience in the NHS, Public Health, Local & Central Government, I've been delivering impactful behaviour change initiatives. Now, my mission is to make Behaviour Change Marketing easy for communicators like you.

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp was born out of the very need I experienced while working in-house.

If you're a busy communicator seeking to learn and apply behaviour change frameworks and techniques, but you lack time for extensive training, then Bootcamp is tailor-made for you!

Discover How Behavioural Science Drives Impact:
Our one-day Bootcamp equips you with essential skills that you can apply the very next day. It's a guarantee that you'll be empowered to leverage behavioural science effectively.

Join a Vibrant Community of Bold Communicators:
At the Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp, you'll not only gain valuable skills but also become part of a growing community of curious, bold, and compassionate communicators. Together, we care deeply about our audience and the positive impact we can create. Together we can break the duplication of work and share our wins and our lessons. Instead of always starting from scratch - learning from each other - standing on each others shoulders.

Unleash the Changemaker in You:

We have a few secrets up our sleeves to share with you! Let's tap into your full potential and unleash the changemaker within you.

"This isn't just for agencies; it's for communicators with big hearts, working with small budgets to drive meaningful change!"

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