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Behaviour Change training 

Smokefree Bootcamp - Planning Day 

Thursday 14th March 2024  🧠 Limited places. 

Get smokefree messaging right. You will use behavioural science to deeply understand priority audiences and master smokefree messaging that drives actual change. Get your plan done in a day. 


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Workshop 1 

The foundations of behavioural science and  smokefree. Where Youth Vaping fits!


Workshop 2

Empathy mapping with priority audiences inc pregnant women, disadvantaged, mental health, routine & manual workers.


Workshop 3

Learn and apply COM_B to your target audience so you can get clear on the barriers and your opportunities.


Workshop 4

Plan your content using  behavioural framework E.A.S.T. Why the biases matter.


The training includes: 

  • 4 workshops on the day to kick start your application of behavioural science. 
  • Lifetime access to all resources including other Bootcamp training.
  • Free & exclusive lifetime access to ALL Masterclasses.
  • Join a growing community of busy pros mastering these must-have skills.


How the day works

  The day is limited to 25 spots to ensure quality of learning.

It is highly interactive but you can choose to work solo if you wish to.

To get the most out of the day, we recommend you bring an overview of your smokefree challenge.

That way you can apply the learning to it as we move through the session. 

Each workshop is carefully designed to build on each other.

So by the end of the day you will be looking at your work in a whole new light.

This is a day of headspace to get work done.

Not a day of knowledge share that you forget when you return to the office!!



Four workshops in one-day

Workshop one:  Foundations of smokefree social marketing & behavioural science. 
  • Behavioural science 101
  • Smokefree social marketing. 
  • Where Youth Vaping fits.

In this session you will explore the foundations of smokefree marketing as well as deep diving into the foundations of behavioural science. You will exploring the 'intention action gap' and why we do NOT do what we say we will do. (And what you can do about it!) 

Workshop two: How to deeply understand your audience - including pregnant smokers, people with learning disabilities, people with diagnosed mental health conditions, minority communities, BAME communities, routine & manual workers
  • Empathy Mapping is a design tool that anyone can use to deeply understand their audience - perfect for those on limited budgets.
  • We'll dive deeper into specific priority audiences - we will provide you with the latest insights on the top groups. Get work done on the day! 


Workshop three: How to use COM_B and Stages of Change to plan your content
  • COM_B is a behaviour change model popular that helps you diagnose your challenge and deeply understand your audience. It will take your work to the next level. This session will teach you the prompts you need to use this model inhouse in minutes or on engagement exercises. You will never ask questions the same way again!
Workshop four: Make it Easy, Attractive, Social & Timely  
  • Going deep into behavioural biases - this session is always the most popular session because it reveals so much of ourselves. We will l teach you the E.A.S.T framework as it applies to  smoking and supporting people to quit.  There are over 200 behavioural biases  -this session will show you the top players you can use to increase open rates, and avoid easy mistakes in your strategy, email and internal comms. All messaging really!!

 Finish the day with a deep understanding of your audience and your next steps - all informed by behavioural science and the latest in addiction messaging.


Plan your smokefree comms in a day


Who is this Bootcamp for?

This learning day is for communicators and marketers delivering the smokefree agenda and supporting people to reduce and quit smoking.  You may work in Stop Smoking Services, Primary Care, Healthy Lifestyle Services, Local Government - Public Health, NHS Integrated Care Services, NHS Acute Services

Challenges you face...


⚙️ 'Stopping the Start' what does this mean for local smokefree marketing?

⚙️How to increase engagement in services with YOUR priority groups inc. routine & manual workers

⚙️How to effectively communicate with vulnerable groups including pregnant smokers,  people with mental health challenges & those with learning disabilities

⚙️Stuck in awareness - simply telling people what they already know - that quitting smoking is a good idea. 

⚙️Feeling the pressure to tackle youth vaping 

⚙️Wondering what an evidence-based approach means? How do new nicotine replacement therapy medicines (and vaping) fit?

⚙️How to effectively engage with Better Health whilst also driving to local services. 

⚙️Wondering how to target low dependency and high dependency smokers



Plan with like-minded pros facing the same challenges.

Your Bootcamp Coach

Ruth has been researching, planning and delivering smokefree messaging and campaigns for twenty years.  Ruth worked actively in the Smokefree Tobacco Networks for the NHS, Primary Care Trusts and implemented social marketing policy at regional and local level before moving on to work at Public Health England to work on the Smokefree campaigns including Stoptober and for a short time Better Health.

For the past four years Ruth has run behavioural insights projects with smokers across England to form a deep understanding of the audience to inform messaging and using the latest research and evidence-base. These insights inform service development and local campaigns including the award winning Greater Manchester Making Smoking History campaigns. 

Her work has spanned, illegal tobacco, smokefree playparks, driving into stop smoking services, Stoptober and is now focused on e-cigs.


Ruth Dale

⚙️15 years behaviour change marketing in smoking. 

⚙️Specialises in understanding your audience.

⚙️HSJ Award winner 

⚙️ Founded Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp training for busy comms pros

⚙️Works organisations seeking to make a positive difference. 

🎙️Host of Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp podcast.

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What Our Students Say

We love what we do. But don’t just listen to us, hear from our students too!

Our engagement soared!

After attending Ruth’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp, we launched the ‘walk from home’ competition, which focused on social norms rather than negative social proof.

The competition posts achieved an engagement rate of 6.1% - over 5% higher than the local authority average.

Throughout the campaign website traffic increased by 268.5%.


Communications Wakefield Council

Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms & Marketing professional

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms and Marketing professional looking to harness the power of human thinking and use it to their advantage.

It’s not often that I come away from a training session feeling like I have properly learnt something useful. Not only that, but something that can be so easily applied to my everyday work once you know how.

Ruth Dale’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp took my basic understanding of behavioural insights to a whole new level. Delivered in a genuinely fun and engaging way (yes, really!) this workshop has given me the tools to apply behaviour change theory to campaigns with greater confidence.


Media & Communications Officer, Wealden District Council

Lightbulb moments & immense value!

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp Bootcamp was the most enjoyable and best training I have done in a long time!

Ruth was engaging, the day was full of lightbulb moments and hopefully it will help take my work to the next level.

It has opened the door to behaviour change and the immense value it has in Public Health and Local Authorities.


Public Health, Royal Borough of Windsor Council

21st February 2024


Includes VAT


  • One day LIVE training
  • Four Workshops
  • Lifetime Members
  • OnDemand Video Learning (RRP£199)
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Group booking - 5th team member goes free



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Smokefree Team Training

A dedicated team day will work best if you have 


🚀 5 team members or more.

🚀 Want to bring together teams across NHS, ICS, Local Gov and services

Get everyone on the same page and plan your smokefree communications using behavioural science



Email: [email protected] 

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