E61: Rebecca & Ruth FE & HE Bootcamp Unveiled!

Season #3

This episode takes a slightly different approach to our usual style.

To celebrate our behind the scenes working together Rebecca & I interview each other and look back at top tips we would give ourselves and also we look forward to our future events.

The title does give away the unveiling - but as they say the devil is in the detail so for more information go to www.behaviourchange.marketing/FEHE

🐓 Don't miss the Earlybird too!

For more on Rebecca and to listen to her youth focussed podcasts go to https://www.threadandfable.com/podcasts



  • Marketing and education news with Rebecca Roberts. 0:02

  •  Teenage years, hobbies, and identity. 1:35

  • Marketing careers in higher education and public health. 5:14

  • TV shows, including "Stranger Things" and "Selling Sunset". 10:01

  •  Self-belief and self-care for working mothers. 12:58

  •  Work-life balance and career development for working mothers. 14:33

  • University decisions and the impact of cost and pressure on students. 19:20

  • Student debt, decision-making, and marketing strategies for higher education. 23:48

  • Using behavioural science in higher ed marketing. 28:20