E23 Ways to use B.S. in-house and meet people where they are

Season #2

Today's episode is all about making behavioural science real in the comms office.

Leanne Hughes and Polly Durrant both attended Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp earlier this year. Leanne and Polly kindly came on the podcast to share their experience and share how simple it can be to use behavioural science in-house.

Even though behavioural science is a relatively new skill set it is sometimes seen as ‘hard’ or complicated. But it doesn’t have to be -  you can use it – you don’t need a science background!  It’s also not just marketers with big campaign budgets it’s for all comms including internal, crisis and socials.

Thank you Leanne & Polly for making it real.

Book recommendation

Polly’s choice - Why we resist: The surprising Truths about Behavior Change: A Guidebook for Healthcare Communicators, Advocates and Change Agents - Kathleen Star and Lee Householder

Leanne’s choice  - The Choice Factory: 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy, Richard Shotton


3 AHA moments

  • Meeting people where they are is fundamental – start there. 
  • COM_B is a tool that can be used in-house for projects and strategies – not just big campaigns and interventions.
  • You have a  much higher chance of success breaking through (information overload) when you use the science.


Come find out for yourself at the next Bootcamp we'd love to meet you