E60: How to use social proof with expert Jen Clinehens - Choice Hacking

Season #3

This week we are joined by Jen Clinehens from Choice Hacking to chat all things social proof!

She is an expert in applying behavioural science to marketing and you can check out Jen's work over at Choice Hacking,

We chat canned laughter, the need to be part of a social group, how Apple took it a new level, why disaster preparedness never happens, The Bear and much more.

Listen to understand how we use social proof to signal our social norms.

Why it's important to think beyond messaging to product details - Jen talks through the classic Apple example.

How social norms can be used to drive action.


Recommended book

"Unreasonable Hospitality - the remarkable power of giving people more than they expect" by Will Guidara 


Check out Jen's work


The episode we chat about is Social Proof: The Persuasive Power of Crowds