E55 How to write killer messaging using uncertainty

Season #3

Episode 52 dives deep into uncertainty and how you can use it to write killer messaging - specifically key messages.

We share why uncertainty is a decision killer - not great for behaviour change comms! 

And how you can turn that around.

We talk about the Status Quo Bias and The Curse of Knowledge Bias - two cognitive biases it is worth comms leads being aware of.


AHA moments

1) Your audience would rather not make a decision and revert to the status quo bias than make a wrong one! Check if you are overloading, too many choices, being vague or too technical.

2) You are not the best editor! Sorry! But you need someone who isn't part of the work to check your messaging. This is due to the Curse of Knowledge bias where we - as experts - just can't help forgetting what it was like before we had he knowledge.

3) Check your content is using concrete language. Has your creativity trumped clarity? 


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