E54 Behind The Scenes - Top Tips using COM-B with Alison Trout

Season #3

This episode is a Behind the Scenes look at the reality of using behavioural science in the workplace. Alison Trout works with Ruth the host to run behavioural insight deep dives and shares the a behind the scenes look at the framework COM_B.



"you have to quite courageous to use this approach...!" Alison Trout


Three aha moments

    1. Be prepared to tell people what their real problem is!
    2. Be prepared to get comfortable - uncomfortably
    3. Be prepared to check for unintended consequences



Thinking Fast & Slow, Daniel Kahneman, 2011 


    Applying behavioural science in public health. (2:35)   Applying behavioural science in local councils. (7:16)   Using behavioural science in organizational projects. (11:18)   Using behavioural science in marketing campaigns. (16:53)   Applying behavioural science in organizational change management. (22:59)   Using Combi and TDF for behaviour change insights. (29:58)   Applying behavioural science in the workplace. (35:43)