E52 Four signs your comms won't shift behaviour

Season #3

Four signs your comms won't shift behaviour

 There are 4 cornerstones or ‘must haves’ to using behavioural science effectively in comms & marketing. If you want to shift from raising awareness to action - to get started - you need to tick four boxes.

Remember behavioural science is of great interest because it helps us understand our audiences. To find the best way to communicate and get max results.

In other words - it is a way to deeply understand our audiences.

And that is the secret sauce.

That is why we love it.

Yes there are loads of biases and loads of frameworks …..

But to get started there are four cornerstone points you need must have clarity on.

 4 signs your comms will add to the noise and not activate action

  1. You don’t know the vision. The ultimate why you are doing it.
  2. You don’t know who else in delivering or influential in your space.
  1. You target everyone.
  1. You do not measure your work.

  So to help you find out we developed a fun quiz so you can test yourself.

Take the Impactful Change Quiz

It takes three minutes tops.

It will show you how strong your foundations are and where you need to focus and what behavioural science tools and frameworks can help you do that!


You get the Interactive Communicator to Changemaker Dashboard which will talk you through the ‘why’.

Because this stuff will often get skipped to get to fun creative part - design and content. But that will never create sustainable change.

I highly recommend you do them in order as they are like the building blocks to your foundation of success.



 How to get started with Behavioural Science. (1:58)  

You don’t know the vision of your stakeholders. (6:25)    

Know your stakeholders and your audience. (11:26)    

Set a measurable goal. (15:19)