E53: Internal Comms Case Study: How to use COM_B to increase action by 89% with Josephine Graham

Season #3

Case study - internal comms. 89% increase in actual change

This episode welcomes Josephine Graham.

Josephine is a communications and marketing writer and strategist with a couple of decade’s experience across the private and public sector. Josephine aims to raise the bar of how we communicate with sometimes neglected audiences, such as internally with colleagues, by using behavioural science and testing to achieve measurable results for stakeholders. 

After Bootcamp she applied the theories to her day job with brilliant success.

She saw an 89% increase in actual change!

In this episode we focus in on COM_B and discuss the reality of using behavioural science in the workplace.


…it was really satisfying to do something properly, and do something that made a difference. Because, you know, you know, what it's like when you're on that hamster wheel of just churning stuff out, and to actually be able to take the time to step back. And think through, like you say that the journey that people were going on, and, and, you know, what their blockers actually were… Josephine Graham

Three aha moments

1. You can use COM_B as an effective prompt tool as an exercise at your desk. It doesn't need to be overcomplicated. The end result was the tone and messaging within two emails!

2. The upfront time means you have saved so much time for the future. Audience insight has a long shelf life.

3. Josephine had a clear measurable goal … so she can share it …and we can learn from it! Did I mention two emails!

Josephine recommends to just get going - start small, use the skills regularly!


The Inner Rebel came out of Josephine. She highly recommended a journal instead of a book!

Chapters (time-stamp)

  • Introductions. (0:01)
  • Meeting John Peel and Bootcamp. (2:13)
  • The importance of a COM-B. (4:24)
  • What are the capabilities people are missing out on? (6:53)
  • How did you build the email campaign? (9:07)
  • The importance of content. (11:33)
  • How much time did you spend on the course? (14:01)
  • How to start with behaviour change? (16:21)
  • One book that changed her life. (18:45)
  • The power of journaling and the importance of memories. (20:15)


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