E51 Are you an idiot magnet?

Season #3

Are you an idiot magnet?

Todays episode is a short and sweet one following the excitement of the Unleash Your Inner Rebel conference led by Advita Patel. 

The day was headlined by Thomas Erickson, author & behavioural scientist and Sam McAllister, Broadcaster & soon to be Netflix star with many other incredible speakers. 

It was a day about leading change – it offered a huge amount from both a personal and professional perspective.

 We ran the behavioural science session so folk could get going in this wonderful stuff and get active in making positive change.

 You may tell when listening we were very excited! And sorry I think I mispronounce the name of the Unleash Your Inner Rebel conference is my haste to share the many insights from the day.

Listen in for a dose of inspiration and to challenge your thinking so you can accelerate change.



“If you cannot communicate you cannot lead!” Thomas Erickson, Author & Behavioural Scientist


3 AHA moments

  •  Own your decisions especially those made in moments of change.
  • If you think someone is an idiot maybe you need to reflect on your need to right.
  • You don’t influence people by being right, you influence people by listening.



 Are you really surrounded by idiots? (1:36)

Leadership is a communication process. (3:08)

The problem with confusing clever words with personality. (5:17)

Own your decisions when things don't go right. (6:53)

Leaving the BBC to write her book. (8:45)

Behavioural Science Workshop. (10:17)

The importance of having a framework. (11:51)

Two fab quotes (14:04)




Unleash your Inner Rebel


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