E50 - AI + behavioural science = a new tool to test your creative with Phil Barden

Season #3

* disclaimer* written by AI

In this episode, we welcome Phil Barden author of Decoded and Owner & MD of Decode marketing consultancy.

There are exciting developments happening at Decode, a consultancy focused on applying behavioral science to marketing. We talk about how Decode has incorporated AI into their work, specifically in the area of human vision and testing creative artwork.

The AI developed by Decode has been trained using 15,000 hours of human eye tracking video and has achieved an accuracy of nearly 99%, replicating human vision. This AI can analyze videos and static images in minutes, providing insights on areas of interest, legibility of text, reading time, word familiarity, visual complexity, and even memorability.


The book "Decoded" written by Phil, the founder of Decode, is praised for its valuable insights and case studies that apply behavioral science to marketing strategies. 

We chat about how that understanding goals and motivations is crucial in developing effective marketing strategies, and that Decode's approach helps bridge the gap between engagement and application of this knowledge in marketing campaigns.



Phil’s most memorable marketing moment. (2:36)

Why do you not believe in change? (6:48)

How to link goals and motivations to the value proposition? (9:05)

How to link the value chain. (14:24)

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. (16:48)

Creative effectiveness measure at scale fast. (21:38)

Solving a real problem in marketing. (23:31)

Optimising the implementation gap. (28:35)

Why writing in capitals makes it harder to read? (31:40)