E49 Unleash Your Inner Rebel with Advita Patel

Season #3

In this episode we welcome Advita Patel to the studio. Advita is the founder of Comms Rebel, a consultancy that helps organisations cultivate inclusive cultures through effective communication. She is also an experienced confidence coach and the co-founder of A Leader Like Me and Comms Edged Rebels. Vita shares her journey and discusses her book, "How to Build a Culture of Inclusivity," which focuses on building a culture of inclusivity through effective internal communication for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

But that's not all! Advita is also organizing a remarkable event called InnerRebel 2023, an inclusive Manchester-based event dedicated to doing things differently in the world of work. Advita's frustration with attending events that lacked diversity and different perspectives led her to create the Underrepresented Speaker List, which features over 180 names of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. InnerRebel 2023 aims to showcase what a great inclusive event looks like, featuring high-energy speakers and topics that challenge the status quo.

The event boasts an impressive line-up of keynotes, including Thomas Erickson, the author of "Surrounded by Idiots," a book on human behaviuor and communication; Sam McAllister, the ex-Newsnight producer known for bringing controversial figures to TV; and Nisha Katona, the founder of Mowgli restaurants, who will share her inspiring journey of humanizing leadership.

Alongside these keynote sessions, the will be there running a workshop on behavioural science in marketing!

Advita is kindly offering listeners to the show a 20% discount 💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥

Unleash Your Inner Rebel 2023 takes place on Wednesday 14th June 2023 in Manchester.

Check out the agenda at https://www.commsrebel.com/events/unleash-your-inner-rebel

Use coupon code: RebelRebel20 

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