E44 Tips for firefighting comms pros - Play the 'who am I?' game

Season #3

Today's episode is for busy communicators and changemakers who have very little time to scope a project and get to know their audience.

You may be firefighting incoming requests, or were simply brought in too late to do the level of audience understanding you would like to. But playing this simple game can really help.

The Who Am I Game

Answer all questions as though you are the person. Have fun with it. Step into their shoes.

Who am I - step inside of their skin. 

Where am I when I perform the behaviour change

When do I do it?

Why do I do it? 

What must I overcome to get it?

Think of a dragon...who or what is your audience's dragon? What barrier stands in their way?

Remember this is about understanding where you fit in their life and having a go at understanding their motivator not your product benefits.

This episode also includes a quick tip: stop talking about behavioural science with your stakeholders. If you are having trouble getting buy-in use the words decisions. I need to understand the decisions people need to influence. Then explore those decisions in the Who Am I? game. 


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