Best behavioural science podcasts

Season #3

In today’s podcast we dive into our top four favourite behavioural science podcasts. 

The recommendations are divided into two sections: Behavioural Science and Applying Behavioural Science to Marketing. Discover how to set your content and marketing to new heights, while also learning key insights from the world's top behavioural scientists. Get ready for your AHA moments today!

Core behavioural science 🧠

- Behavioral Grooves hosts Kurt Nelson, Ph.D., and Tim Houlihan 

-The Behavioral Design Podcast hosted by Aline Holzwarth and Samuel Salzer 


Behavioural science applied to marketing & comms 💞

 -The Brainy Business Podcast hosted by Melina Palmer 

- Choice Hacking hosted by Jen Clinehens 



Behavioral Grooves 

The Behavioral Design Podcast 

Habit Weekly

The Brainy Business podcast 

Choice Hacking 



[01:10] - Recommending 4 Podcast

[01:40] - Our favorite behavioral scientist’s podcast

[01:59] - The Behavioural Grooves Podcast

[04:35] - Habit Weekly Pro

[04:49] - Behavioural Design Podcast

[06:46] - Behavioural Science Applying to Marketing

[06:56] - Brainy Business

[08:39] - Choice Hacking

[11:12] - The Recap