E32 #commshero tips - how to build a successful community

Season #2

#commshero 2022 19-23 September

This episode offers you practical tips on community building by expert guest and #commshero community builder Asif Choudry.

Asif is marketing and sales director at We Are Resource and has built a global communications network called #commshero.

What started as an online communications conference 8 years ago is now a strong and vibrant community all year round. This year's #commshero conference lasts 5 days and...

  • Has over 50 sessions.
  • Is available on demand for 12 months.

If you look at the #commshero website you will see the saying - “With great power comes great comms responsibility” and we couldn’t agree more so we were delighted to welcome Asif to talk about how he created the legendary #commshero.

Asif's Quote 

“We are so good at making everyone else look good …that is why we set up the community - to create the safe space for people to actually be positive and shout about the stuff they have done and share that best practice with the community. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to make a CEO to recognise the value”

 Books & links

3 AHA moments

  •  Know why you are building the community and tap into the sense of belonging.
  • #commshero is still used as a conversation tool still running after 8 years. Think how long are you planning your community to last?
  • Be there – don’t post and disappear. Don't schedule and disappear. Go in with eyes wide open and be there.

See you at #commshero 2022 starts on the 19th September. 


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