E26 Don't apologise for having boundaries with Carrie-Ann Wade

Season #2

Today’s episode is dedicated to career progression, building confidence and motivation. We welcome Carrie-Ann Wade, NHS Director of Communications & Engagement and founder of Cat’s Pajamas where she mentors communication professionals to grow and thrive in their careers.

We talk all things confidence, stepping up as the expert and the importance of clearly demonstrating to stakeholders and senior management the high level of expertise that communications brings to the table.

Carrie-Ann stresses how essential it is to really nail the brief in order to be able to shift from output to outcome.  

“Communicators have the knowledge but need to have confidence to articulate it and join the table.” Carrie-Ann Wade

Career progression

  1. Build your network get peer support and mentors.
  2. Say Yes to opportunities (within your boundaries!)
  3. Invest in yourself! (Can your organisation fund or support this?)

 Carrie-Ann is available for mentoring and also runs a  12-week online THRIVE programme. This is a dedicated safe-space for communication managers and heads of communications to grow and thrive. Where you can have ‘unfiltered conversations’. The next programme starts in September.

 Carrie-Ann and her NHS Team also undertook the one-day Team Training we’re forever grateful for her kind words. It was a fantastic day.

"My team undertook Bootcamp...it was just brilliant for us..when you're embedded in an organisation that has lots going on and you're involved in so many projects sometimes it can be about just getting through the work and not applying the theory and evaluation. It was such a huge reminder about how important that is. I just wanted to say a massive thank you. It was such a brilliant day we all took something from it"

Guest Resources/useful links

Thrive Programme

Bootcamp Team training  

3 AHA moments

  • Demonstrate to your senior team how much strategic value communications has played and across your organisation. For example a communications annual report or steal from the world of Social Enterprises with a Impact Report
  •  Celebrating success. Keep your feedback. Show your boss. Keep a brag file. Make it a habit! C
  •  Set boundaries. Don’t apologise for setting boundaries. Thank people for their patience in emails.

Thank you Carrie-Ann. Cat’s Pajamas everyone! 💡❤️‍🔥


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