E25 Behind the scenes to Don't Be That Guy

Season #2

Today’s episode welcome’s Adrian Searle and Steven Carroll from Police Scotland to talk about the incredible award winning ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ campaign.

THAT guy aims to reduce rape, serious sexual assault and harassment by having frank conversations with men about male sexual entitlement. It won the Drum Awards 2022 Public Sector campaign and is nominated for many more.  ‘Don’t be that guy’ went viral with excess of 6 million views of the hero video. The microsite that-guy.co.uk was  viewed excess of 160,000 page views.

Adrian and Steven talk through the process of the campaign from understanding the challenge to the importance of the ‘north star’ aka your behavioural goal or value proposition in execution. They share their tactics and how they shifted the narrative around this incredibly important subject.

They share how they developed the challenge into a strategy and from there the strategy into powerful creative.

The insight and the strength of the value proposition was integral to the success. They highlight how your communications should reflect your values – something we all strive for.

Book recommendation

Stephen recommends – How To Stay Sane: The School of Life by Philippa Perry

Adrian Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhiill

Crime recommendation: Dark Winter – Look into his eyes and prepare to die by David Mark

Guest Resources/useful links


3 AHA moments

  • Understanding the insight was step one and dedicated time to understanding the problems and seeking out the experts, capturing the insight and developing a clear narrative.


  • Next step is to take the insight and turn it into a marketing strategy with a guiding north star – the proposition: Sexual violence starts long before you think it does and men have a key role in ending sexual violence by reflecting on their own behaviour and look out for their mates behaviour.


  • Use the proposition across all agencies to ensure all content and creative is in sync. Use the strategy to ensure the creative stays objective not subjective.

 Bonus aha….

  • Using influencers to create shareable content – this proved to be enormously important as it captured a tone the target audience could relate to and using talented young men built credibility that helped ensure the phenomenal success in sharing the asset.
  • Good briefing behind the value proposition so everyone is just as important when recruiting influencers – conversations at the start are crucial so everyone has clear expectations.