E24 Empathy Mapping Explored with Jude Hackett

Season #2

 Today’s episode welcome’s Jude Hackett to take us through the incredible free insight tool – The Empathy Map.

Jude is a behaviour change and social marketing consultant with 18 years of experience in Marketing and Strategic Communications, with specialisms in marketing for social impact, behaviour change and brand. Jude is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). Basically a total pro!

The Empathy Map is a visualisation tool developed by Dave Gray in 2017 that we can use on our own, or with teams and stakeholders to capture our understanding of our users, patients, and residents. It helps build a shared understanding of our user needs plus aid decision making and shift messaging.

Dave Gray is a leader in the field of creativity. His website Gamestorming is well worth a visit for the wealth of resources he shares. Dave is dedicated to teasing creativity out of everyone by sharing the tools and systems of design thinking.


Book recommendation

The Power of Ignorance: How creative solutions emerge when we admit what we don’t know. Dave Trott, 2021

Guest Resources/useful links

Get your empathy map by visiting the Gamestorming website here. Plus have a look around it’s amazing!

Contact Jude on LinkedIn or email [email protected]

3 AHA moments

1) How well do you understand your audience? Are you clear what you want people to do? Using the empathy map captures what you know but flags what you don’t!

2) The ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ sexual health research published by Dan Ariely in Predictably Irrational is a great example of demonstrating how our understanding of are audiences can completely change when and how we communicate.

3) A clear behaviour change goal is essential. (or value proposition!) Use the map to find yours.

Happy mapping and thank you Jude!

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