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Welcome to Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp where communicators become changemakers.

Our mission is to help you become wildly impactful and unleash positive change.

“Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.”

Barack Obama

Our aim is to cultivate highly effective changemakers that are leaders in their field.

We will show you:

  • How to communicate change and move from awareness to action
  • How to increase impact using behavioural science
  • How to understand your audience and stand out from the noise
  • There is a secret to changing behaviour and you probably know it already but reality means it is skipped. We’ll show you that too!
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Our Learning Values:

  • Knowledge should power action. We design our training to lead you into action. This is about skill sets not reading a book. (But you can do that too!)
  • You – as the changemaker – matter too. All our learning will ask you to think about your start point! Your voice WILL strengthen, get clarity and get heard.
  • Fun! This is not corporate style stuff.
  • Experiment
  • Empathy

Ruth — Chief Changemaker

Ruth Dale is a coach, trainer, and podcast host of the Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp. She has applied behavioural science to marketing and communications for over 15 years to tackle society's biggest challenges, including vaccination, smoking, weight loss, getting active, and mental health.

Ruth has won awards for work on antimicrobial resistance, skin cancer, and reducing demand in A&E. She strongly believes that marketing can have a positive impact, which was demonstrated when she won the HSJ Award for Social Marketing.

Ruth has worked in various roles across the NHS, including in Primary Care Trusts, Public Health in Local Authority, and Public Health England. She has experience running a busy comms department with no budget, responding to press, planning strategy, delivering multiple campaigns, and managing stakeholders.

Ruth is passionate about behavioural science and believes it can add missing notes to the harmony of any campaign.


Behavioural Scientist

Alison Trout is a Chartered Health Psychologist registered with the HCPC and a Behavioural Scientist. She has extensive experience working with public health teams to develop effective public health interventions using behavior science and has over 15 years of clinical experience as a Psychologist working with various client groups.

Alison has previously worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Warwick University and contributed as main author / co-author to several research papers.


Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Nikita Rowley, PhD, MSc, BSc, FHEA, CPsychol.

Experienced Researcher, Lecturer, Programme Director and Chartered Psychologist. Nikita has a vast experience in a variety of areas including public health, health psychology, behaviour change and behavioural insights.

She has formerly supported local Councils to develop public health messaging using behavioural insights and to encourage behaviour change.


Chief Creative

Claire leads the popular live doodling sessions. Her ability to capture insights live in meetings and events is incredible.

Her graphics speak for themselves.

Ruth Dale doodle


Chief Distractor

Bonkers cocker spaniel whose sole purpose in life is to ensure no one sits for too long.


Ruth Dale and dog

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Our engagement soared!

After attending Ruth’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp, we launched the ‘walk from home’ competition, which focused on social norms rather than negative social proof.

The competition posts achieved an engagement rate of 6.1% - over 5% higher than the local authority average.

Throughout the campaign website traffic increased by 268.5%.



Communications Wakefield Council

Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms & Marketing professional

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp is a must for any PR, Comms and Marketing professional looking to harness the power of human thinking and use it to their advantage.

It’s not often that I come away from a training session feeling like I have properly learnt something useful. Not only that, but something that can be so easily applied to my everyday work once you know how.

Ruth Dale’s Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp took my basic understanding of behavioural insights to a whole new level. Delivered in a genuinely fun and engaging way (yes, really!) this workshop has given me the tools to apply behaviour change theory to campaigns with greater confidence.


Media & Communications Officer, Wealden District Council

Lightbulb moments & immense value!

The Behaviour Change Marketing Bootcamp Bootcamp was the most enjoyable and best training I have done in a long time!

Ruth was engaging, the day was full of lightbulb moments and hopefully it will help take my work to the next level.

It has opened the door to behaviour change and the immense value it has in Public Health and Local Authorities.


Public Health, Royal Borough of Windsor Council